Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Field Day Fun

Bouncin' around

3 Legged race

Trying to kick the ball around cones

Tug of War

A few 3rd grade boys

Some 1st grade girlies

The kids had fun at their field day this year.  I missed a lot of the activities trying to run around to get pictures and see 3 different classes.  They had water balloon tosses, wet sponge races, t-ball hitting contest, human ring toss, 3 legged races, long jump, relays, bounce house and obstacle course.  I'm sure there were more activities, but I can't remember them all!  I do remember all the smiles, giggles, fun, and popcicles!  =o)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"It's too cold to swim!"

The kids had a pool party after school one day a couple of weeks ago.  The water was cold, but the kids did not care.  They swam and had a blast!  Then, we went to the lake for a picnic one hot Saturday after baseball for a picnic.  I thought the kids could play on the beach with the sand buckets and get their FEET wet at the edge of the water.  They wanted to put their swimsuits on before we left, and I said "No way...The water  is way too cold to swim."  When we got there, the place was packed and everyone was swimming.  So the kids wanted to get in the water to swim.  Yes, they swam in their clothes!!!!!  I don't know how they stood it.  I put my feet in and it was COLD!  Again, the kids didn't care...they had a blast!  It is going to be a FUN SUMMER!

Little Guy's B-day

Cranky the Crane

Sleeping with Thomas

Thomas Cupcakes

J's birthday was all about Thomas the tank engine!  Thomas cupcakes, books, movie, talking Thomas, Lego Thomas, Cranky the crane, train table, Thomas clothes and jammies, Thomas sheets, pillow, and blankie!
He loved every minute of turning three!